Examples of Bar Hire...

One of the most popular questions that comes through our quote form is "What do your bars look like?", of course this is understandable because we've all see these so called bar hire companies who turn up with a table and a white table cloth to act as their "bar". We thought we'd show you how it's really done, all our bars are indistinguishable from the "real thing" and we have many styles to suit all occasions.

Mobile Bar Example

Here we have a mobile bar that would be at home in any trendy nightclub, sports bar or cocktail bar. We are able to provide any kind of setup you desire from neons, to bar mats to corporate branding. Just let us know at the time of booking and we can sort out everything for you.

At this event, we were asked to provide free drinks by Limo Broker as a PR exercise. Needless to say we can cater for all kinds of occasions, so whether you have 5 foot or 50 foot of space for us to set up in, we can make it look like the bar has been there for years. Please note that we will require some idea of the space available prior to booking so we know what setup would best suit your event.

Once again, we were asked to provide drinks for an exhibition and as we are sure you can see, this was a fairly substantial bar. We offered a massive range of drinks on the day and our customer was delighted with both the setup and the sheer level of service we were able to offer on the day.

Here we have a slightly smaller, but very stylish mobile bar that is ideally suited to smaller venues where you require drinks to be served. We can supply all kinds of drinks from this mobile bar including beers, spirits and soft drinks. No matter what your requirements are, we will always do our best to ensure that your visitors or guests get a top class service.





Why choose us?

We are a professionally run organisation that have provided mobile bar rental for function halls for the past decade. We can also provide contacts for Catering, Decorations and Music.

As well as having won business awards and achievement awards in different parts of the country we are always looking at new ways of improving the business which we deliver to our customers.

  • Harriet Productions
    Superb bar and staff provided for my corporate event, recommend these lovely bunch!
  • Helen McRidge
    Bar and Marquee hire for my wedding was just outstanding, thanks to Mobile Bar Hire :)
  • Thredded Media
    The bar we hired for our corporate event was definitely the main gathering point.
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