Mobile Bar Hire Prices

Having a pricing structure in place is vital when looking to hire a mobile bar.
Bar counter hire prices can often vary depending upon a whole range of different factors. Some of the factors which determine the price of a mobile bar hire service include the following :- Bar Hire Prices

Style of mobile bar (Led bar counter, plain bar counter, personalized bar or ice bar hire etc).
Size of the mobile bar hire unit (Our prices are advertised by the metre, however on some designs of mobile bar’s ie. Ice bars and circular bars this may be a fixed price for the entire bar counter).
Delivery address (Our head office is based in south London, however we do cover a wide area of the UK, as a result delivery charges can vary).
Hire period (Our prices for our solid bar units are priced for a 3 day bar hire period. These prices can change depending upon the bar hire period you require.
How to be sure to get an accurate price for hiring a mobile bar counter. In order to get an accurate quote for your mobile bar counter or mobile bar service, be sure you know what you need.

Below are some points which over the years we have learnt ensure you get an accurate quote for your bar service.

What are you looking for ? A cash bar service, a free bar service, bar counter hire, bar staff hire or a taylor made bar service for your event.
What hours will the bar be open for? Be sure you maximize your hours, there is nothing worse than having to increase your hours during the event (its not always possible).
If you require the bar hire company to bring the drinks, do you know what you need? Drinks at a bar can vary massively, some drinks you may wish to consider or not consider include : draught beers (keg hire), bootled beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks, alco pops (WKD, Smirnoff Ice etc), cocktails and more.
Are bar delivery, set up and beakdown times flexiable? Being a caring and consious company we aim to minimize both our costs and your costs. In order to do this we may be able to save you money on our ‘dry bar hire’ option by you being a little flexiable on the bar delivery and collection times etc.

These are just a very few points which we consider to be vital when quoting our customers on their event. Mobile Bar Hire is a very important touch to any event, as a result we aim to ensure that our clients are given the best available service at a price that’s right.

In order to view our bar counter hire prices and also the current range of mobile bars and led bar counters which we can offer click on the highlighted tabs. Please feel free to contact a member of our customer services team.



Why choose us?

We are a professionally run organisation that have provided mobile bar rental for function halls for the past decade. We can also provide contacts for Catering, Decorations and Music.

As well as having won business awards and achievement awards in different parts of the country we are always looking at new ways of improving the business which we deliver to our customers.

  • Harriet Productions
    Superb bar and staff provided for my corporate event, recommend these lovely bunch!
  • Helen McRidge
    Bar and Marquee hire for my wedding was just outstanding, thanks to Mobile Bar Hire :)
  • Thredded Media
    The bar we hired for our corporate event was definitely the main gathering point.
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