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Planning your special day takes up so much time and a lot of effort is put into arranging it to be the most perfect day possible. Newlyweds will obviously remember this day for the rest of their lives, and the perfect way to do this is with photographs which commemorate your special day. All the effort of choosing the perfect dress, decorations and location should be captured with beautiful and stunning photographs that do your day justice.

From live shots of the ceremony itself to professional shots with family and friends afterwards, the options are unlimited as to how you keep photographs and what you can do with them. You can choose to display photographs in albums, have digital copies on a CD, have larger pictures professionally framed to display at home or even small and unique miniature booklets which are perfect to send family and friends after the wedding as a special surprise. Couples often choose from old fashioned, classy black and white photographs, or modern photos with striking colours which can capture the exact colour of a brides dress or the shades of flowers chosen.

Our team of specialised photographers are always very smart, polite and professional in their approach. They fully understand and appreciate that in addition to the venue, food and music, photography is an everlasting memory of a special day in your life.
Over the years we have worked with many professional photographers, including Cambridge’s famous Bill Bowman Bride Photographer who specialises in wedding/portraiture and commercial photography throughout Bedfordshire and Cambridge. His style of photography always creates one of a kind pictures that really do capture a special day in the best way possible. Brides and Grooms can get special complete storybooks, telling the tale of the ceremony from start to finish which is very popular.
Not only the photos themselves can help celebrate the wedding day, the way they are displayed after can have a big effect on how the day is remembered and create special moments when reminiscing on the big day later down the line.


For more information on the photographers we work with throughout various parts of the UK, please contact a member of our team who shall be pleased to assist with your request.



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