Cocktail Team Building Masterclass Greenwich

Greenwich is one of the largest business hubs outside the City of London. Being an area that is such Cocktail Team Building London business minded, Greenwich corporations need to be dribing business and increasing sales and targets each day – although many find this difficult to do. There are many reasons for a business to not be performing to the standards which are desired by the owners, such as an economic downturn or a difficult time of year. However, Mobile Bar Hire believe no matter what difficult times a business are going through, a well bonded and dedicated team of staff can pull any business through the hard times! That is why we are pleased to offer Cocktail Team Building Masterclass for all businesses in Greenwich.

There are many goals throughout the day to allow your team to bond and work together – however, you and your employees may have the room an hour early for a serious chat about business and the goals of the day. Once Mobile Bar Hire’s session starts, it will consist of a short, 15 minute talk from our professional mixologist to welcome you and your team and to explain a brief history of the cocktail. After this section, your team will be paired up and shown to their own section of bar counter ready for the main activities of the day.

Mobile Bar Hire’s mixologist will then show your workers how to make a variety of cocktails. Your employees will then have great fun as the competitions begin – this section is where the real aim of the day comes into play. The competitions will include activities such as which team can create the most cocktails in a minute, which team are the fastest at shaking the shaker etc. This part of the session ensures that your employees are working together as a team towards one mutual goal. This can therefore be transferred to the office environment to help different departments to work together to drive sales and hit targets.

Following the cocktail making sessions where your employees will make and be able to drink approximately 5 cocktails each will be a teamed quiz on everything throughout the session- from the history of the cocktail to what ingredients go into the cocktails they have made. This will again get your employees working on a mutual task to reach the same goal.

Each person who has taken part in the session will receive a certificate and a buffet will be laid on throughout the session. Prices star from just £25 per head (min. 15 people).

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Why choose us?

We are a professionally run organisation that have provided mobile bar rental for function halls for the past decade. We can also provide contacts for Catering, Decorations and Music.

As well as having won business awards and achievement awards in different parts of the country we are always looking at new ways of improving the business which we deliver to our customers.

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    Superb bar and staff provided for my corporate event, recommend these lovely bunch!
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    Bar and Marquee hire for my wedding was just outstanding, thanks to Mobile Bar Hire :)
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    The bar we hired for our corporate event was definitely the main gathering point.
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