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Catering to events, parties and functions in London is like catering in no other city on earth. The venues are bigger, the streets are more crowded, the people are busier and youíre trying to organise an event which is an organised, fun celebration, not a rushed event where the caterer has gotten stuck in traffic and your wine was sent to the wrong venue. Catering London

Well at Mobile Bar Hire, we pride ourselves on being Londonís premier catering company. We are confident in this title not only because none of our events have missed out on their food because of the traffic, nor have they gone without wine because of an incorrect delivery address, but we are also confident that in the future none of these mishaps will occur either.

Other catering companies may brush off your concerns about their deliveries of your functionís food and drinks as the price of planning an event in the heart of one of the UKís biggest and busiest cities. However, at Mobile Bar Hire we are experienced at catering to a wide range of events in London and have provided on time, quality service despite the hassles which can come from doing business in London. London Event Hire

We manage this because we have the experience and the knowledge to avoid the common mistakes which see deliveries mislaid or late, and we also have the foresight to prevent other similar mishaps from ever occurring in the first place. When you organise for catering and drinks services at your event in London, you can be sure we will take care of every detail and adhere to every direction you have asked of us to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. We will even be sure to point out ways to work with the bustle and vibe of London and help this to enhance your party, rather than hinder it.

For more information about working with Londonís premier catering company for a successful event in the city, contact Mobile Bar Hire now.



Why choose us?

We are a professionally run organisation that have provided mobile bar rental for function halls for the past decade. We can also provide contacts for Catering, Decorations and Music.

As well as having won business awards and achievement awards in different parts of the country we are always looking at new ways of improving the business which we deliver to our customers.

  • Harriet Productions
    Superb bar and staff provided for my corporate event, recommend these lovely bunch!
  • Helen McRidge
    Bar and Marquee hire for my wedding was just outstanding, thanks to Mobile Bar Hire :)
  • Thredded Media
    The bar we hired for our corporate event was definitely the main gathering point.
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