Mobile Bar Hire Kentish Town

Kentish Town is an area of northwest London in the Borough of Camden which is renowned for its great nightlife and top end venues. Kentish Town is a good place to celebrate a special event such as a birthday party, corporate event, wedding or pop up festival. Our Mobile Bar Hire Kentish Town service comes as a package which includes our drinks service, bar staff service and bar equipment hire. Our bar equipment includes items such as bar stools, bar mats, outdoor and indoor tables and chairs etc. Mobile Bar Hire Kentish Town

We at Mobile Bar Hire Kentish Town know how difficult it is to try and plan an event on your own, there is so much to think about and that is where we come in Mobile Bar Hire can help you with anything to do with the bar side of things. We have excellent, hardworking bar staff that will work up to the highest standard in venues throughout Kentish Town. Whether you need the perfect pint poured or a well-balanced cocktail mixed, our bartenders have you covered.

To go with our bar staff, we have many different types of bars to suit many different events. We have LED counters (straight, curved, circular), mirror bars, a diamante studded chesterfield bar, ice bars and more. Mobile Bar Hire Kentish Town can also provide you with a back bar which will help display all your drinks so your guests know what they have got to choose from and it make the drinks easier to find for our bar staff.

We also have three different ways that your bar can be run. We at Mobile Bar Hire Kentish Town have a dry bar hire service which incorporates us providing everything but the drinks which are up to you! There are also the options of cash or free bar whereby we provide everything including the drinks and your guests simply pay (or not if a free bar) for their drinks.

Our keg hire is another area of our Mobile Bar Hire Kentish Town service that you can take advantage of. Simply pick your beer of choice form our range of craft beers, ciders, ales and stouts and we will come and set you up your very own beer dispenser in Kentish Town!

For more information on Mobile Bar Hire Kentish Town, please get in touch with a member of our team and we will be happy to help.


Why choose us?

We are a professionally run organisation that have provided mobile bar rental for function halls for the past decade. We can also provide contacts for Catering, Decorations and Music.

As well as having won business awards and achievement awards in different parts of the country we are always looking at new ways of improving the business which we deliver to our customers.

  • Harriet Productions
    Superb bar and staff provided for my corporate event, recommend these lovely bunch!
  • Helen McRidge
    Bar and Marquee hire for my wedding was just outstanding, thanks to Mobile Bar Hire :)
  • Thredded Media
    The bar we hired for our corporate event was definitely the main gathering point.
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